Meeting my crochet idol Molla Mills

Crocheting as such is good fun, it’s great for the brain, and crocheting (or knitting) in a group is even greater. There’s always good company, laughter, tasty coffee, projects tend to progress well and spirits always get lifted.

I’ve joined a group of yarn enthusiasts in Berlin, and we get together every now and then to knit and crochet together. This week we met in a wonderful yarn store Wollen Berlin in Friedrichshain, and got to enjoy the company of my ultimate crochet idol Molla Mills. She’s the maker of Virkkuri books that I’ve blogged about e.g. here and here, and she just happened to be in Berlin for a holiday. I asked her to join us, and she did. I don’t think a crochet meet-up can really get any better. I feel so happy to have been part of this!

Pictures in the gallery are a mix of Narrative Clips and mobile snapshots.


4 thoughts on “Meeting my crochet idol Molla Mills

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    Berlin keeps surprising me in so many ways. I got to spend an evening crocheting with my ultimate crochet idol Molla Mills. Here’s a reblog from In Berlin, my other blog where I document my sabbatical year. Enjoy!


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  3. Hello!
    First of all thank you for the article, I really enjoy reading it. You mention a crochet group in Berlin. Could you give me the name? I love crochet but I don’t know anyone here in Berlin doing it and I would love to meet a group of enthusiastic yarn lovers..
    Thank you!


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